Sarai (pronounced Suh ri), has been a licensed massage therapist for 10 years!  Sarai received her education at Ashmead where she learned to treat over 70 different kinds of injuries.  While attending school there she also became certified as a Spa Specialist and Aromatherapist.  Sarai specializes in Deep Tissue and Injury/Treatment Massage.  She is also well versed in Hot Stone Massage, Sports Massage, Thai Massage and Reflexology! Sarai loves utilizing all the different massage techniques to help bring relief to others.  Whether it is from injury, chronic pain, or just everyday stress, her goal is to bring your body back into balance.  Her approach to massage is very detailed, working every muscle that may be causing your tension, but working gradually so as not to cause undue pain, allowing your muscles to relax easier and longer.  Through stretching and acupressure, Sarai is able to achieve exceptional results! 


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